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Paramedical Admission

A Paramedic is a practitioner who is usually a part of the emergency services from the medical department.The role of the Paramedic is to provide all medical care before reaching hospital at the time of the trauma or any type of crises.It is a field bases job usually assigned in the ambulance , response cars or other emergency health services provider.It is a high responsible job which requires high balance between mental and physical availability at the time of emergency.Paramedic are trained and specialized to handle high technique equipments and machines available in the ambulance and to provide medical aid to the patient ill the time he reaches the hospital.

It is also called by the name of Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and are usually hired to provide on spot medical aid to the people affected at the time of any emergency.The provide life sustaining treatments to the suffered patients in any critical situation.

Educational Qualification of a Paramedic

A high school certificate is required if you want to pursue any training program to become a paramedic.There are three levels of the programs-Basic , Intermediate and advanced level.Basic program is a common program for everyone who wants to become a paramedic. EMT-Intermediate include advanced medical skills along with physiology.

EMT-Basic program can be easily pursued from the various colleges available in India.Various number of medical colleges offer Medical & Paramedical Admission in India and one year program to become a Paramedic.You can check on the web about the procedures of the Medical & Paramedical Admission in India.

A Paramedic is considered as a first line of contact at the time of emergency and helps in saving the life of the people.It is considered to be as a most physically and mentally challenging job because it requires handling patients trapped in some accidents or mishaps.Paramedic need to have a strong presence of mind to handle the critical situation.There are various institutes offering online training programs to become a paramedic while continuing your current job.You can get details about the online programs of Medical & Paramedical Admission in India

If you are planning to become a paramedic you need to be physically and mentally in a good health condition to work in the extreme conditions.Your job responsibility is to save the life of the patient for which you have to do everything or anything.They are certified and trained to drive emergency services vehicle too.You need to function properly at the time of high stress level.Other job duty of a paramedic is soft skills where he should be able to communicate effectively in both written and verbal ways of communication.

Check on the web about the various institutes or colleges offering class room and online training program to become a certifies Paramedic.You should be dedicated work in unusual working hours throughout the year.Paramedic usually don’t have any specific working hours ,their job e of emergency which can not be planned in advance.This is a selfless job only to serve people of the nation and to save their lives.