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Nursing Attendants

Nursing attendants are the experienced profession which provides basic care to the patient under the supervision of a Doctor.They take care of the patient in the variety of places like Hospitals , Patients home etc.Their duties are defined after analyzing their training program , experience and conditions in which they have worked till now,In some of the cases the Nurses are required to even feed the patient when he is unable to move. The role also involves monitoring the condition of the patient and informing the Doctor about it.

Education Details to become a Nursing Attendants in India

The Qualifications to become a nursing staff differ from State to state. The general qualification required to become a Nursing Attendants in India is a high school diploma or an equivalent degree is preferred.The Nursing Attendants in India courses are offered by Vocational schools and community colleges.They need to pass a test covering wide topics of the subject to get a certificate of qualified attendant.

It is not considered as a routine working hour job and requires a great combination of knowledge and dedication to serve people.During the certified training program of Nursing Attendants in India the students learn certain type of medical skills along with appropriate manners required in the profession.

Type of Nurse Attendant :

  • Ambulatory Care Nurses: These types of special nurses work in the ambulatory care facility department where they are trained and specialized to move at a fast pace.These nurses should know to handle multitasking due to huge pressure involved in the role.
  • Job Agency Nurses : Nurses who are more inclined towards performing clerical duties usually joins as nurse staffing agencies.
  • Travel Nurses:For those people who are adventurous and love travelling , join the medical field as travel nurses.During their jobs they travel to different countries for at least 13 weeks .Very few specialized travel nurses are available in the country that’s why their salaries are higher and they get huge benefits from the employers too.
  • Nurse Anesthetists: It is also considered as a top paid profile in the nursing career.To become a Nurse Anesthetists, it requires a special training which is cleared by very few people only.
  • Pediatric Nurses: These attendants are specialized to take care of the infants or small kids. They usually work with a team of Pediatric doctors where family members are also closely involved in it.
  • Geriatric Nurses: They can take care of any type of patient of any age too whether a child or an elderly person.They require to be composed and professionals in their roles.

The Medical profession is a job which requires a person to be very dedicated and devoted.Nurses are expected to handle emergency condition efficiently too. A nurse should be able to handle daily activities like movement of the patient, Cleansing of the bedpan, feeding to the patient, making the bed along with basic hygiene aspects of the patient too.They need to handle patient emotionally also because of the disease disturbance.