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Liver Transplant

The liver is considered as the one of the most important organ of the Human body. So in a simple term you can say that a human body cannot survive without a proper functioning liver. There are certain human activities which damage the liver like excess consumption of alcohol or excess consumption of specific dietary supplements. If your Liver is not functioning properly , your life is in danger.

Affects of Liver Failure of the human body

  • The ability to eliminate toxins from the body gets reduced drastically
  • The body gets poisonous from inside due to liver failure.
  • The patients are not able to eat or digest any type of food.

Once a liver gets damaged , Liver Transplant in India is the only solution recommended by the Doctors. There is a huge demand of Liver Donors in the Medical Industry. The Donor should be healthy and should clear all medical examinations before the transplantation. Patients who are already suffering from any heart disease find tough to get a matching donor.

The Procedure of Liver Transplant in India

It is a major surgical process where a dead liver is replaced with a healthy liver from a Donor. A donor can be a dead person who passes away few hours before the surgery. The transplanted liver is also placed in the same place in the human body. Few drugs are prescribed by the experts to maintain the lever acceptance inside the body which needed to be consumed throughout the life by the patient.

Sometimes a donor can be a healthy person too who are considered as living donors .In such cases their liver grows again with the time . The patient is kept under observation of the experts to check the acceptance of the liver by the patient's body and to protect attach by a foreign element in the body.

Reasons for a liver Transplantation Surgery

Transplantation can be done for the patient of any age who is suffering from Liver Failure due to certain reasons. If medicines are not helpful in the treatment of liver or the patient's body is not capable enough to grow liver again , Liver transplantation is recommended by the experts.

Sometimes due to unavailability of any type of Donor the patient is put on the waiting list and informed immediately once the matching donor gets available. The surgery is always planned after the liver evaluation of the health examination of the donor. Sometimes Doctors advise family members to donate liver if the condition of the patient gets critical.

Some organizations or departments of Liver Transplant in India also help the patient to find the right donor easily. The blood group of the Donor and the patient should match after that only transplantation procedure can be done. Get a detailed examination done for the donor to check his medical status.Various NGO's and medical department are promoting organ donation by the youth to save the life of a medical ill patient.