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Kidney Transplant Treatment

Over a period of time, Medical Tourism has become a major driving force to increase the foreign exchange in India. High stand facilities and experienced doctors are the main reason for the increase in Medical Tourism in India. One of the famous treatment for which many foreigners are visiting India very frequently is Organ transplantation .Advanced facilities and expertise of the doctors in the field is the key factor Indian Medical treatment is getting famous across the globe and various patients are visiting India regularly. Kidney Transplant in India is a very famous procedure which is available in most of the top Hospitals in the country.

What is Kidney Transplantation?

Kidney transplantation is a procedure usually done when Kidney of the patient stop working properly and no other treatment is successful to save the life of the patient. Kidney failure is mostly caused to the patients who are suffering from diabetes . In the case of Kidney Transplant in India, mostly family members are considered as the best donors due to perfectly match the blood group. While transplanting both kidneys, a donor who is on life support system is usually selected most. The donor can be of any age or sex, but he should be healthy enough to donote body organ to save life of an ill person.

When is Kidney Transplantation recommended?

Kidney Transplantation is usually recommended when dialysis is not effective in the patient's body. Usually Dialysis is considered as a temporary solution of the disease, whereas a Kidney Transplant in India is a permanent solution for the disease. The advantage of Kidney Transportation is that if you are unable to find a donor within your family, you can easily contact transplantation Center with your details and once the donor is available they will revert you back immediately and procedure of transportation can be done immediately.

Kidney Transplantation Procedure

Once Kidney Transplant in India is advised by the Doctor to make sure you visit the Doctor before the surgery along with your family members or friends. A few blood tests and other tests are usually conducted before the surgery to check the compatibility of the organ with your body. During the surgery , an incision is made in the lower abdomen of your body where the new kidney is placed near the bladder while removing the non functioning kidney from the patient's body.

After the surgery, the patient is kept in the recovery room to check or avoid any complications during the transplantation procedure. After the discharge from the hospital, the patient is advised to take regular dosage of immune suppressant medicines throughout the life. A healthy lifestyle is the best method to get easily on a normal life routine after the transplantation.Transplantation is advised to those patients who are weak in immune because sometimes it happens even after the medical test before the surgery , the patient's body refuses to accept a donated kidney in the body.So doctors advise kidney transplantation only after diagnosing the patients medical history.

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