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Hair Transplant

Hair , an inseparable part of the human body which not only improve the looks of the person but works as a guard in the head to protect it from any injury up to an extent. In the Early days you must have heard about the horror stories related to the Hair transplantation, but in recent years, this procedure becomes safer and less complicated for those suffering from baldness.The hair is transplanted from other parts of the body of the patient to the bald area.This medical treatment is a gift for those people who are suffering from low self esteem due to baldness.

Hair Transplantation History

It started from Japan by a famous Dermatologist who revealed a famous method of using grafts for the hair transplantation. It is used to transplant grafts to the body parts like eyebrows , scalp. Later on, Dr Norman Orentreich experimented to transplant hair to the scalp which was successful and got famous. The principle of the transplantation was that hair can be shifted from a bald resistant area to the balding affected area and which grows for the lifetime.

Types of Hair Transplant

  • Follicular unit hair transplantation -It is termed as FUT and defined as Strip surgery. It is an extensively laborious method of hair transplantation after which hair starts growing naturally in the form of unit groups. In this method the donor grafts are matched with the hair of the patient to provide the most effective method of transplantation./li>
  • Follicular unit extraction:It is also a complimentary method and not dependent on the choice .This procedure is slightly harsher in comparison to the other one. It does not require any surgery or scarring, but will leave little unpigmented dots in the transplanted area.

Due to excessive use of sprays or gels more number of people are facing hair loss problem. Sometime it is genetic also. Hair Transplant in India is the only permanent solution for the hair loss. Check various processes available in the market and which fulfills your requirement he most. You can even consult with other patients who have experienced the same procedure and knows about the results after it. Select the transplant Clinic on the basis of experience of the Doctor and reputation in the area.You can even visit the dermatologist clinic to check how he behave with the patients and what type of medical equipments used to treat baldness.

You can also use the Internet to gather information about Dermatologist list in your area. The Cost of the Surgery varies from the person to person. Cost is directly linked with micrograft transplantation .Hair Transplant in India requires care after the surgery too.After the surgery patient is advised to visit Doctor 2-3 times for follow up sessions and to determine the success of the surgery.There are some common myths about the hair loss like Allergy to particular products or tensions can lead to hair loss. Always apply any type of oil or hair products only after consultation with your Doctor.