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Cosmetic Surgery

Even Human being desires to look beautiful and always young. Beauty is not about how people look at you , it is basically what you feel about yourself. How much Confident you are about your looks?If you are unhappy with some of your facial features , don’t worry Cosmetic Surgery in India is there for you. It is considered as the fastest growing department of the Medical Industry. The surgeries are accepted by common man fully due to the increase in the number of surgeries done on a regular basis. Initially it was considered a treatment only for rich and famous people, but now Cosmetic surgery is easily accessible to a common man due to a variety of loans available in the market. It is still a costly treatment and not covered by the insurance companies too .

Cosmetic Surgery History

No one can identify a traceable beginning of Cosmetic surgery .Earlier it was a procedure done for wealthy people of the society, but medical advances made it available for all. Earlier only women use to get a cosmetic treatment done to defy aging affects but now it is no longer limited to women. Nowadays men are also conscious about their looks and getting their nose jobs done .Age is not a barrier in the procedure but still Doctors advise teens to stay away from Cosmetic surgery up to a certain age.

Due to advancement in the medical procedures the procedures are less risky and heal in less time only. The plastic surgeons are also openly offering their services accessible to a common man in comparison to earlier days.

Procedures involved in Cosmetic Surgery

The procedures involved in the surgery are simple and easy to fix in comparison to earlier times. A Nose job is the most popular cosmetic surgery done across the globe .Eyebrow uplift and tummy tuckers are also other famous cosmetic surgeries. Women look for breast enhancement to rise the breast size.

Benefits of Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery in India is a procedure which gives an opportunity to a person to change facial expressions as per the choice. It brings smile on the face of the people, allowing boost in confidence level. The process was originated to fix any repairing but now it is considered as a procedure to become more beautiful in the outside world. Patients after successful Cosmetic Surgery in India feels boost in confidence level along with high esteem. It results in better life which can be from a beautiful face or an increase level of self esteem. There are some risks involved with the procedure of Cosmetic Surgery like complication related to dosage of anesthesia, required correction level in the disfigurement.

Types of Cosmetic Surgery Procedure :

  • Captique -It is related with the surgery of face lifting and Botox .Through an injection a chemical filler is inserted in the skin to reduce the appearances of the wrinkles. It is a synthetic chemical which shows results after a procedure of 15-20 minutes after which the patient is discharged immediately.
  • Contour Threads-It is a natural procedure of face lifting while maintaining the natural appearance of the face. These threads are made up of soft polypropylene.

Keep your self updated about the latest trends and advancement in the Cosmetic Surgery in India which will be beneficial in improving your self esteem and confidence level.